Julian Medeleanu 

Helping people succeed in their professional life is his main focus and he strongly believes that being a leader is about empowering people and helping them achieve higher levels of performance.

Julian studied law and has an executive MBA degree, as well as a number of certifications in IT management (CISA, PRINCE2, BSI, ITIL). Julian has been employed in executive positions in sales management for more than 20 years, beginning with middle management positions (such as those held in PepsiCo/Star Foods Romania and SAB Miller Romania) and up to top management positions, such as National Sales Manager for Heineken Romania or CEO of Provision IT GROUP.

During his professional career, he gained a lot of experience in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Management of Indirect sales channels, General Management and Leadership and Leadership Management. Julian has continuously developed his analytic and strategic planning skills, as well as the ability to put theory into practice and acting in an innovative manner. His work involved a good knowledge of the market and the implementation of strategies and plans, activities which required a good understanding of the business background. He obtained double-digit growth, year after year, for many years, by designing and executing healthy commercial activities.

In 2014, Julian decided to make a significant change in his professional life, by embracing a new challenge: that of helping other people benefit from all his experience and skills gathered throughout the years. To achieve this, he chose to enter into a partnership with Leadership Management International, and now, through the dedicated performance improvement programs offered by LMIBELUX, Julian helps people and organizations in the following areas:

Goal-setting, Time management, Management training, Attitude development, Personal motivation, Personal development and Organizational Development, Sales Strategy, Sales Prospecting, Sales Objections Handling. 


Brann Verstraete

“What is important is seldom urgent, what is urgent is seldom important ”

Dwight Eisenhower

Worked for 16 years in one of the biggest Staffing companies in the world. My main achievements were the set-up and development of two countries from start-up to thriving and successful organizations. The first years most time was spend on business development, which evolved to a focus on running day2day and developing sales and leaders in Belgium and Netherlands. 

Responsible for 800 external consultants, 150 permanent placements per year, 75 internal sales consultants, 100 million turnover business. 

My biggest achievement was to have developed the company in Belgium from a one-man band to one of the biggest IT staffing companies in Belgium.

At LMIBELUX we work together with business leaders to crystallize and spend time on the Important Non-Urgent matters in professional life. Our starting point is the human being behind the professional. Through facilitation and coaching (challenging and changing attitudes and behaviors needed to solve these matters themselves) or consulting (we collaborate together till results are achieved) more time is spent on working towards what is important for YOU. As a result quality of decision making, quality of life and business results improve. 

Questions we like to help with:
How do I deal with unmotivated people? When do I make the decision to let somebody go?
How do I attract and retain great people, especially new senior hires?
How do I keep commercial people motivated without too many incentives and threats?
How do I leverage my own and the strengths of my people to maximize the potential?
How do I handle difficult and toxic people?
How do I get them to self-generate solutions to their problems so that they are less dependent on me?
How do I create buy-in from my staff for what I want them to do?
How do I free up more time for the urgent non-important things that really need to be done?
How can I get my salespeople following a system that allows them to achieve their sales goals on a consistent basis?