The first step to becoming an effective communicator is to understand that people communicate in different ways. How can I train my team to communicate better? People send and receive the same signals through different, very personal filters, so the same message, email or phone call can take on distinct meanings depending on the audience. The various methods of communication can also have an effect on messages being carried to and from different people. For example, a message delivered in person may be received differently than if it were sent in a text or email, mainly due to the personal nature of the face-to-face contact.

Communication, though it seems simple on the surface, is actually quite a complex area of business that costs companies untold millions every year. Most companies underestimate the importance of communication and therefore don’t give it the proper time, energy and resources that it deserves. How I can communicate better? The Effective Communication program can help your company and employees to improve communications skills, overcome communication barriers, and truly understand styles of behaviour and the various ways of communicating.

LMI’s eight-phase Effective Communication program is designed to help organizations improve their communication skills from top to bottom and, in the process, also learn how to solve problems through communication.

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