EPP – Effective Personal Productivity®

Productivity is the true measure of success. From all aspects of your life, be it personal or professional, your productivity is at the core of the goals you desire and the tasks you achieve. Unfortunately, irrespective of one’s past feats, many unknowingly lack the proper disciplines that propel productivity to new heights. 
LMIBELUX’s Effective Personal Productivity program is designed to accomplish just that. Through it, we empower you with skills for enhancing personal awareness, fine-tuning your efficiency, and effectively achieving your goals. The comprehensive, eight-phase program allows you to unlock new potential by establishing superior self-management.

ELD – Effective Leadership Development®

Faulty communication and poor leadership are, unfortunately, the bane of many companies. Regardless of employee talent or product quality, if an organization’s leaders aren’t effectively communicating, managing, delegating and increasing productivity, that organization will remain stagnant instead of moving forward toward its goals. Not only will products and people fail to reach their full potential, the atmosphere and the morale and productivity of the organization will also suffer immensely. Talented employees may even become disgruntled and leave, while those who remain question the value of their work and the overall direction of the organization.
Thankfully, great leadership can be developed and good communication can be taught. Any organization, no matter what their current situation, can be turned around and improved. The key to effective leadership development lies in training and motivating people to a higher level of productivity.
LMIBELUX’s ten-phase Effective Leadership Development program is designed to help current leaders realize the full weight of their actions and learn to lead with authority and conviction. It will also help develop new leaders and equip them with all the tools to motivate and nurture people to their maximum potential.

EPL – Effective Personal Leadership®

Great leaders are respected and revered. They are self-motivated and tenacious individuals who are admired within all levels of an organization. It is a leader that blazes new trails and accomplishes feats others have only dreamed. Your ability as a leader can speak volumes about how you are observed as a professional and as a representative of your organization. Whether in your personal life or in your career, you will be observed according to your ability to lead your peers and in your role as a thought leader in your field and industry. Visionaries are hidden in every organization and LMIBELUX aims to reveal your untapped potential. Through our Effective Personal Leadership program, you will develop the skill-set required to spearhead your goals and create a winning environment despite the odds. LMIBELUX’s fourteen-phase Effective Personal Leadership program is designed to uncover, develop and tailor your personal leadership abilities. 

EML – Effective Motivational Leadership®

People aren’t motivated to follow other people by the archaic notion of hierarchies, which is why the development of truly exceptional leaders who can effortlessly motivate others to follow them is of utmost importance. Great leaders are respected, revered, and admired, and people follow them because they want to, not because an organization chart says they have to. Leaders aren’t just leaders, they are visionaries and communicators who are equally as capable of leading groups of people down a broad path or an individual along a narrow, personal path. Whatever your specific area of need, LMIBELUX’s Effective Motivational Leadership program will help you and your employees understand what it takes to be a great leader and not only create winning teams that forge ahead into the volatile business environment of the 21st century, but also foster an organization full of leaders on every level. LMIBELUX’s ten-phase Effective Motivational Leadership program is designed to help leaders communicate and motivate like visionary legends Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.