Leaders as attitude

Executive Search Services

Our executive search Business Unit helps successful organizations build their senior leadership teams. Our
intimate knowledge of your organisation allows us to identify great leaders for you. This is an organic
extension of our proprietor leadership practice. We evaluate, develop and hire the leaders you need to be
successful and will continue a custom made development program for the 6 months after.

Our methodology

We hire leaders as an attitude, not as a function
We evaluate the current leadership team
We work on developing the current team
We support and offer tools for the CEO to see opportunities
We propose a plan for internal solutions, hire externally or expert board
Our onboarding services are included
Our leadership and productivity services are included after the hire.



– you company intimately through our organizational and leadership practice
– Our methodology is based on 60 years identifying and developing in organisations the
leadership behaviour, attitudes and actions of tomorrow
– We find your leaders important for you as an executive. We are not limited to functions titles
salary ranges
– We have skin in the game: We will develop leaders after you have hired them.
– Custom made to your needs
– The onboarding development program is included in our services

We have the ability to recruit the talent necessary to leverage
established and emerging functional expertise and even
entirely different roles within a company. This often means
integrating the organization with talent from other industry