The LMI Process

My Potential for leadership

We live in a world of abundance – a world that was created for us and filled with a wealth of resources that we may use to fulfil our needs …

Leadership & Managing Priorities

Successful people set goals, and they make certain all their actions and activities contribute to the achievement of their goals. They take action in a logical, reasonable, and organized manner …


Live Each Day with Positive Expectancy

Positive expectancy is an attitude you must adopt and maintain daily. The greatness of your accomplishments depends upon your understanding and application of the principles of positive expectancy.


Use Your Potential to Succeed

We live in a world of abundance, with opportunity on every hand. We have been liberally endowed with talents and abilities, many of which we never use, and we can, through the power of choice, make of ourselves whatever we want.


New Year’s Resolutions…

We all think and dream of a better version of ourselves for the new year. I would like to share with you my new year’s resolutions…
On behalf of the entire team at the LMI BeLux, I wish you Happy New Year!
Julian Medeleanu, CEO LMI BeLux


Listening and Leadership: Why is this important?

For leadership to be successful, it is essential that there be mutual understanding and clear communication between the sender and the receiver. The vital link for mutual understanding to take place is listening. Listening, unlike hearing, fosters mutual understanding, which is the primary goal of communication.


Behaviour Impacts Motivation

Knowledge about basic behavioral styles helps you to understand employees better and to implement the approach that most effectively motivates each one. Personalities can be categorized according to four basic styles observable in the behavior of most individuals. When you understand these styles, they serve as a basis for choosing your approach to motivating your team members. Consider these four basic styles as you interact with people…


Reach Your Goals with Best Practices

Because actions come from attitudes, increasing productivity may require reshaping some of the attitudes that now dictate how you use time. Consider these time use practices that affect productivity and see how attitudes are involved…



Trust enables you to encourage other team members to use their skills and abilities to help move the entire team toward reaching its goal. When you display trust in others, showing them that you believe in them and that you have confidence in their skills and abilities to contribute to the team’s success, they will trust and encourage you to use your skills and abilities to help reach the goal.